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Impressions of Turkish students & teachers from:

The Final Meeting in ZADAR


   From May 4 to 11, 2015 the representatives of our project team: headmaster Yusuf Oğuz, teachers Mustafa Özdemir, Ruhi Başarır and Özlem Sarkmaz and students Serhan Eraldemir and Oğuzhan Vanoğlu were in Zadar to take part in the final meeting of Comenius Project "Working with Dr. EUOz".

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

   On 5 May, we set out from İskenderun at 2 a. m. to get the 5 a. m plane from Hatay to İstanbul then the 9 a. m plane from İstanbul to Zagreb. After three and a half hour bus trip from Zagreb bus station, we finally arrived in Zadar on a beautiful sunny Tuesday afternoon. Actually the meeting had started on 4 May and Ruhi had gone to Zadar one day earlier to represent our school in the official reception on 4 May and to help with the preparations for the final meeting.


   It was a very tiring journey but it was worth it in the end because our friends Edin and Ivana were waiting for us at the bus station. They took us to our hostel in the city center by their cars. After we settled into our hostel, we joined the other groups having a city tour with a guide. We walked through the ruins of Roman Forum next to the Church of St. Donat of Zadar , and listened to the concert of Nature itself, a natural musical instrument, The Sea Organ, the world’s first musical pipe organs that is played by the sea, created by architect Nikola Basic in 2005, we also walked over the glass-light attraction, The Greeting to the Sun and enjoyed the sunset with a view of nearby islands.
   Then we went back to our hostel to have some rest. In the evening we had dinner in a youth hostel outside the old city, where Czechs and Poles were staying. The hostel was located in a nice spot near the Marina. Almost a hundred people (teachers and students) filled the restaurant. There was nothing better than to enjoy a meal with friends and a good chat. The dinner finished with a disco party for students in the hostel. After dinner, Anita Raljevic Spralja drove us back to our hostel in the old town to sleep early because we would get an early start for the big day next morning!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

   We waked up early in the morning and prepared our stand at City Lodge where the big final event of the project was presented. All schools had been prepared very well and the students presented the first aid and wounds workshop.


   Some representatives from the County of Zadar and Croatian National Ageny took place at the final event. All local and national press were making the news for the final event. Edin Kadic, Anita Raljevic Spralja and the headmaster of the Medical School of Zadar, Davor Vidakovic were the stars of the event. Mr. Vidakovic and Mr. Kadic made a speech about the Project.
   The final product of our project, The First Aid Manual had been brought by the great coordinator Mr. Paul Smit. After working long hours on it, it was great to see the final product.



   At 13.00 our headmaster Yusuf Oğuz, Mustafa Özdemir and our student Serhan Eraldemir visited the County of Zadar with other headmasters, teachers and students from the partner schools. They welcomed us very well at the Zadar County and we expressed our appreciation for the programme and the beauty of Zadar. After the visit the photographs were taken at the terrace of the Parlament of County.



   For dinner our Croatian friends had booked a nice local restaurant, San Antonio. We explored the local tastes of beautiful Croatia. Black Risotto was a very interesting taste. We had an enjoyable dinner, chatted and singed together.



Thursday, May 7, 2015

   It was the day for the boat trip to Kornati Islands. All groups met at the harbour at 9.00 and we sailed to the beautiful Adriatic Sea from the center of Dalmacija. It was a great environment on the board and Edin Kadic and Mr Vidakovic were great hosts for all the groups. Mr. Vidakovic gave a concert by singing beautiful songs. Our teacher Mustafa Özdemir had brought his national instrument "bağlama" and he gave us a concert at the top of the boat. We enjoyed a lot during the boat trip. Our teacher Ruhi Başarır and our headmaster Yusuf Oğuz had great moments with the friendly seagulls flying over the boat. Our friends Regina Lutkova and Asia Rojek were with us at the top of the boat and of course, the director Paul Smit made a video clip for our musical performance.


Friday, May 8, 2015

  At 9 o’clock we visited the Naval School of Zadar with the German group. Headmaster Mr. Svedko Perovic welcomed us and gave us information about his school and later we saw the departments of the Naval School. At the end of the meeting he welcomed us in his room and we shared our ideas about education.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

   In the morning we said goodbye to our Belgian colleagues and went to Muline, Ugljan Island where Davor Vidakovic’s house is. Mr. Vidakovic welcomed us at the harbour and took us to his home by his car. He and his wife offered us a brunch at their home and he showed us the Island and told us about the history of the Island. Later we talked and sang songs together.

   Later he took us to a historical castle on a nice hill and we enjoyed the beauty of the nature a lot. At lunch time he took us to a beautiful fish restaurant.We were fascinated by the freshness of the fish. After lunch we said good bye and returned to Zadar. Edin met us with his car at the harbour even though he had 38 degrees temperature.
   We had dinner and later met with Edin at a nice Pizzeria called "Tri Bunara". We talked about the beauties of Zadar and compared the education systems of our countries.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

   We had a nice day in Zadar by shoping and sightseeing. In the evening Anita invited us to a nice café called Ledana and she brought her nice daughters, too. Edin was also there and we enjoyed talking and drinking together a lot. Anita gave us some presents and she also sent some presents for our colleagues in İskenderun.



Monday, May 11, 2015

   I was time to say goodbye. At 8 o’clock Edin, Anita and Mr. Vidakovic were at the forum and we drank coffee together and they took us to the bus stop by their cars. It was the most difficult time, to SAY GOODBYE!

   We arrived in Zagreb at 13.30 and we had just a few hours to see some of this nice city before our flight to İstanbul.

   We started our sightseeing from Trg bana Josipa Jelacica, the main square of Zagreb and spent our time exploring many beautiful spots in the Upper Town and the Lower Town.







   Within the one week we had been in beautiful city, we felt like we were at home.
   Our Croatian colleagues Edin, Anita, Mr Vidakovic and Linda showed great hospitality and we lived one of the best terms in our lives.
   Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your hospitality and great friendship.

   We will never forget you and the days we spent in your beautiful city Zadar.


Turkish Comenius Team