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Ozbiljne pripreme u školi u Antwerpenu
za susret u Altenburgu




Student Abdel is printing the "Working with dr. EUOz" endmeeting T-shirts. He has first printed white stars on the blue field as a fond for a sparkling yellow. Than he has to callibrate the yellow coulor exact on top of the white. He is working with the 6 stations textil carrousel.

The backside of the T-shirts after going through the dryingtunnel to fix the coulors. Ready to print the frondstars and the "Working with dr. EUOz" logo. They must and will be ready by Monday December 8 to go to the Altenburg meeting for distribution onther the different partners.

Students of thrith year screenprinting playing the "Healtgame" after finnishing the production of the games. They just did the montage of playboards, the top and the lettering of the box. They hope that there are (fysic) assignments for each number on the playboard.

Publicity photo of the boxes with the "Healthgame" in the classroom where the work was done and the playing test took place

Antwerp Team of "dr. EUz"