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Dojmovi učenika i nastavnika sa susreta u Lipniku nad Bečvou


   Between 13th and 17th of May we attended to the Project meeting for our Comenius Project “Working With Dr. EUOz“ in Lipnik Nad Becvou in Czech Republich, where our Czech Partner School ”Základní škola Lipník nad Bečvou” is. We joined to the meeting as 3 teachers (Mustafa ÖZDEMİR, Şükrü ÖZER, Fikret UZUN) and 2 students ( Erdi and Kemal).

Tuesday, May 13th 2014
   At Olomouc train station Regina and Jana took us with their cars to Lipnik Nad Becvou. After we settled to our hotel, we went to dinner. There, we met with the teachers and studetns from all partner schools. All the teachers and students, most of whom met for the first time, became friends in a short time. It was nice to see the friends again.

Wednesday, May 14th 2014

    After breakfast we went to the school and attended to the start coctail of Project meeting. We met with the headmaster and the teachers.
   Later the group was divied in two groups. Students and some of the teachers joined to the activities prepared by Radek. The other group; the coordinators of every school, the headmaster and Regina, went to visit the mayor of the town . He welcomed us very warmly, gave us information about the town and gave some presents.
   On behalf of the group, our coordinator of the Project made a speech to thank to Mr Mayor. We had lunch at the canteen of the school and it was delicious.
   In the afternoon we made a guided tour in town and we saw the historical and touristic places of Lipnik Nad Becvou.
   In the evening we went to play bowling with the teachers of host school. There, we saw that the students had been very very good friends in day. Erdi and Kemal could communicate in English with out needing translation. The studies for English language that we made during the school year had worhed well. We made a tournamet with the Czech teacher Denisa and Pavel and we had very good time.

Thursday, May 15th  2014

    Early in the morning, we went to school and the working group worked on the midterm Project that will be delivered at the end of the first yeear. We evaluated the activities that we did during the first year. Mandy and Agnieszka wrote the report very succesfully.
   The other group with students joined to the first aid activities that was prepared for secondary school and high school students by Croatian teachers Anita, Linda and theiri students. Later Croation team showed a training about personal care and healthy life style fort he primary school children. They were very succesful.

   In the afternoon we went to the caves called Teplice nad Becvou with all the group. PAvel and Denisa took us with their cars. The weather was very cold and rainy, but the hospitality and friendship of our Czech friends didn’t make ud feel the cold.

   In the evening we had dinner at a nice restaurant with all the group as the guest of the headmaster . the diner was very delicious and the athmosphere was great.


Friday, May 16th 2014


   We went to the city Olomouc with all the teachers and students. There we made a city tour with the guide, saw the historical and touristic places and visited a shopping center.

   At the dinner , all the group was together and after dinner we said goodbye to all friends. And it was time to pack the suitcases.

Saturday, May 17th 2014

   To cach the train we woke up very early . We came to Olomouc with train and to Wien from there. Our plane was in the evening and we had a few hours to made a city tour in Wien.

Sunday, May 18th 2014

   After a long journey we arrived in İskenderun and delivered students to their families.
   THE LAST WORD : In this one week timethe headmaster, Regina, Radek, Monika, Denisa Jana, PAvel and their students hosted us very well and helped us very much. Thank you very much to all of you. We wil never forget you.

Mustafa ÖZDEMİR, Şükrü ÖZER, Fikret UZUN, Kemal & Erdi