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Comenius Interim meeting

May 13 to 17 - 2014 - Lipnik nad Becvou - Czech Republic


 Day 1:

   After smooth train ride to the airport the alarm of the customs went off (Kathleen course). A smooth flight and then we picked up the car. What a surprise they had a car for us "a little green Skoda" the only colored small car in the whole garage.

   After a test drive and programming the GPS, we found the road into Lipnik. The welcome by Regina and Radek was really pleasant.

   Poll and I got a place to stay in a guest house, of which I can not repeat the name, but it just was quiet and cozy, what do you need more ?.

   We made a brief walk around, in a village with 9000 inhabitants it is no challenge for us and were through it all quickly (Poll could begin to guide)

   Bought our supper in the Lidl and on a cozy bench next to "the" roundabout in Lipnic we consumed it, we already had a direct view on our partners who arrived and so we could also welcome them as first.

   The evening was just meant to meet up after a long time for some and so we could prepare for the next day. We met some very friendly staff of the school: Monika, Jana, Paula, ..... and of course Regina and Radek


Day 2:

   Assembly at 8 pm at the school. The official reception with a few kind words and exchanging presents. Students with their supervisors to workshops. The countries were mixed.

The Comenius team was received at the City Hall where the mayor held a welcome word. Which Poll kindly answered. There too we exchanged some gifts.

   Back at school the Comenius-group went to the ICT room. First, the most important task: The "TO DO's" evaluation of the past year with overview of the planning, exchanges and tasks.

   What were the problems encountered and how did we work to resolve them.

   While our secretary and her assistant (Agnieszka and Mandy) fill in the documents completely the rest of the group are given a brief tour of the school.

   We reread the document, make a few little corrections, formatting planning for tomorrow and then we could take a break and eat in the school canteen. Where we were treated to an excellent meal each time.

   In the afternoon a guided tour with a lovely guide, an hour of free time to go eat where we chose and then up to the bowling. where we learned that in the Czech Republic no. 3 is actually 9 and 1 no. 3 and if they use 6, actually meaning 2 ? We can only wonder about it

A strange group who became friends.

 Day 3:

 It promised to be a rough day in every aspect. The rain and wind were everywhere.

  At school, the students of the various schools went to work with the subjects: emergency situations and healthy lifestyle. Doing so, we fully saw some difficulties arise, due to the including education. It's a real challenge to let students from such different levels work together. We, as Belgians, did a good job. We have the feeling that we succeed in passing on our "know how".

All the children pay attention.

Super demonstrations.

   During the group meeting it was the job of the president to find a compromise in the to do's for next year so everybody was a little happy. It was a stormy morning

The man site of the meeting .........................................

............................................and the female site!

   A Little too late we had a quick lunch and because we were going under the ground. (above the weather was too bad anyway) a visit to the caves of "Spa".
   In the evening a social gathering and dinner at the invitation of the Director. We ate a delicious typical Moravian dish.


Day 4:

   First show the guest house owners, our regular interpreter Monica and the kitchen staff our appreciation with a box of Belgian chocolates. We came together under a fierce rain and wind to be divided over several cars (we did not use our own at any time) to travel to Olomouc. Cars parked at the shopping center.

   With a very limited group off to the historic town. With an even smaller group strolling between the surprisingly beautiful buildings in the streets. As if the weather approved this, the storm was starting to wear out. Later we walked to the shopping mall.


Splendid baroque art to remember epidemics ->


   The last supper ended with a goodbye to our Polish partners. It is surprising to note that as always, despite the language barrier, the youths still look and find an easy way to approach each other.




   The last supper ended with a goodbye to our Polish partners. It is surprising to note that as always, despite the language barrier, the youths still look and find an easy way to approach each other



Day 5:

   Reaching the airport on time was a very close call. We left in time from Lipnik. But I underestimated the distance and the time needed. So we checked in two minutes before the closing time of the "gate". From a cold and rainy Prague, we arrived in a sunny Flanders.

   Along the way we had a lot of time to monitor everything. The overall balance is positive. But the work is never for the full 100% ready.

Kathleen and POLL