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Dojmovi turskih učenika i nastavnika o posjeti Zadru

(Zadar, 7. - 12. travnja 2014.)

   Od 7. do 12. travnja 2014., četiri učenika (Uğur, Murathan, Onur i Onur) i dva nastvanika (Mustafa ÖZDEMİR i Ömer BOZDOĞAN) iz Tehničke i industrijske škole iz İskenderuna, Turska, sudjelovali su u razmjeni i radenom posjetu Medicinskoj školi Ante Kuzmanića i Zadru.

 Ponedjeljak, 7. travnja 2014.

  Our bus from Zagreb arrived in Zadar at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Our colleagues from Medical School, Mr Edin KADIC and Ms Anita Raljevic SPRALJA was waiting to pick us up at the bus station. Actually the journey from İskenderun to Zadar had been very easy Anita had given the easiest way to arrive Zadar, the beautiful city in Croatia. They took us to our hotel by their private cars.

   It was very nice to see the friends again. We put our luggages to the hotel and they took us to a nice restaurant in Zadar. Form our coordinator school in Belgium, Sint-Jozefinstituut, the coordinator of our Project Mr Paul Smit had also come to the meeting with his wife Ms Ann Smit. We had our lunch and went back to the hotel for some rest. In the evening Edin took us to a nice place in town.

   We talked about the programme and the activities which will be done during the week.

Utorak, 8. travnja 2014.

   After breakfast, Anita and her students: Tino, Piero, Josip, Martina, Antonela and Emila had come to the hotel to take us to the school. At Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanica, Edin and headmaster Mr Davor VIDAKOVIC welcomed us very warmly at his room with a cocktail. Some journalists and TV reporter had also come to make interviews about the Project with Mr Vidakovic, Edin, our teacher Mustafa, student Uğur and Belgian teacher Paul. It was a nice and friendly environment.

   Later, they showed us their school and we saw all the departments and workshops at school and met the teachers and staff of the school. During school tour students Emila and Martina were the guides of the tour and they told us about every department and the classroom of the school. It was like a hospital and the quality of the education at school was fascinating.

   Edin has also showed us his work place where he worked for some national and international projects using very new IT Technologies. Our students was very excited and the speed of the spoken English had been little bit fast for them. But they immediately became with the students at Medical school and had good communication.

   Before lunch the headmaster Mr Vidakovic took teacher to a park for coffee and students had some time in the city. They talked, communicated and tried to know each other. And it was nice to see for us, teachers, that our students were able to communicate in English without any trranslation. The English lessons , which our teacher Mustafa taught to the students in his time after school had worked.

  In the afternoon after lunch, Edin took us to the town and told us about the history of Zadar and showed us the very historical monuments. As he was a teacher of history of art he knew all the details of every single statue and monuments in the city. We all had been fascinated by the beauty and the importance of the city in the history.

   It was also nice surprise to hear some Turkish words like "Merhaba" (Hello), "İyi akşamlar" (good evening) and "teşekkürler" (thanks) from the Coratian people we met at the restaurant. We learned that Turkish TV series were very popular in Croatia and people liked watching them as we like watching Brezilian and Mexican TV series in the past.


Srijeda, 9. travnja 2014.

   After breakfast Anita and students took us to the school from the hotel. At school it was a good surprise to see our colleague Ms Linda BAKOTIC. Even if she had a medical operation the previous day, she had come to school to meet us and to work in Project. Anita and Linda took us and students to a workshop at school. As we had made a questonnaire about the possible injuries and wounds the can happen while working on different professions, it was time to learn how to make the first aid for them. In the worshop there was also another lady from the Red Cross. She made some fake wounds and injuries on students with the Professional make up tool.

   It was so professional and realistic that someone, who doesn’t know that they are fake, would think that they are real. Later Anita and Linda told us how to make he first aid for each of these injuries and wounds. Later students Tino, Piero, Josip, Martina, Antonel and Emila applied the first aid methods on our students. The students were very skillful and practical in treatment.

   By the way our teacher Ömer made turkish coffe for teachers and students and it was delicious.

   Later Edin and Anita took us to the Maritime School in Zadar. There, the headmaster of the school Mr Svetko PERKOVIC welcomed us and showed his school. That was a very nice school and they were using the latest technology in Martime Vocaitonal training. The most interesting part of this school tour was the simulation systems of a ship they used in education and training. Mr Svetko gave us some presents and told all about his school.

   After luch we returned to the Medical School and went on working on Project.

   In the evening Edin took us, teachers, to a nice place near Zadar and we talked about Project and what to be done in the next meetings. Students spent some time together.
   By the way it had been little bit difficult for families of our students as they had been away from thier children fort he first time in their lives and we made the students call their families nearly every day. And they also communicated with them via internet.


   In the evening we went to a nice country site near Zadar, called Borik. The view was fantastic and watching the sunrise there was fascinating. Later we went to a Pizza house and had delicious Pizzas. Our colleagues Edin, Anita, Linda and all their students were with us there. We had a nice time there.





Četvratk, 10. travnja 2014.

   In the morning Edin, Anita and their students took us with their cars to the Vocational School of Vice Vladkovic Zadar.

   The headmaster Mr Tihomir TOMCIC welcomed us and made a presentation of the school offered us some cakes and drinks. Later Mr Tomcic showed us his school and told us about the story of his school and how they made this school a very effective and modern place for vocational education and training. This vocational school was very nice and it was using the very lates technology in many vocational subjects espercially solar panels and wind wells that are used to produce electricity was very interesting and it took interest for our teacher Ömer and he took notes for the euipments used in this school. Later we have seen the electrical cars and made a little tour in the garden with these cars. Mr Tomcic was a very kind person and we shared about our wishes for the cooperation in some vocational subjects in the future. He also invited us the an exhibiton in the afternoon.

   As part of our visit to Zadar we visited the House of the Zadar County where we were received by Head of the Department for Social Affairs Ivan Simunic with co-workers. Informing guests with Zadar County, head Simunic specifically referred to the work of schools, emphasizing that the County as founder encourages mobility and involvement of schools in international projects.

   We expressed our gratitude for the warm hospitality and stressed our delight in Zadar County schools that were visited (with the Medical School, to the Naval School and Vocational School Vice Vlatković ), and expressed the hope that it will continue to collaborate on some new projects.

   In the afternoon we went to the organic park on the coast and there was an innovative exhibiton of the schools. The electrical cars, solar panels and educational modules for renewable energy sources from the Vocational School Vice Vlatković were there and there were many students from many different schools. It was a very nice and interesting exhibibiton.

Petak, 11. travnja 2014.

   In our last day in Zadar, Edin, Anita and the headmaster Mr Vidakovic took us to a nice town near Zadar which is called Solana Nin Nin. This town was very important fort he history of Croatia and Edin told us it’s importance in the history. We visited the salt factory there and saw how they produce salt from sea water.
   In the evening we, teachers had a dinner with our colleagues Edin, Anita, Linda, Paul and Ms Ann Smit in a nice restaurant in the old town of Zadar and students had spent their las evening together.

   It was time to return and pack the suitcases. We could sleep at 3 o’clock in the night after packing aour luggage.


Subota, 12. travnja 2014.

   We woke up early at 7 o’clock an had breakfast. At 9.30 Edin and students were waiting for us in front of the hotel. They took us to the bus station and it was time to say good bye.

   We arrived in Zagreb at 2 o’clock in the afternoon we spent some time in Zagreb and got on the plane at 8.25 in the evening. We arrived at İstanbul Atatürk airport at 11.25 p.m. and waited for our plane in the folloving day at 9.40 in the morning.

13th April Sunday  2014

   We arrived in İskenderun and delivered the students to their families.
   Everybody was very tired but very happy  .

   Our visit to Zadar was a fantastic journey for us and we all had a very good time and felt as if we are at home and of course learned a lot. We ‘d like to thank our colleagues and friends for their hospitality, friendship and great work for the project.

THANK YOU Edin, Anita, Linda, Mr Vidacovic and your dear students Tino, Peiro, Josip, Martina, Antonela and Emila. We will never forget you and your beautiful city Zadar


Mustafa, Ömer, Uğur, Murathan, Onur and Onur